This subscription makes you Brava

From 55€ + GG



SEPTEMBER 22 AND 23, 2023

Does not include Promo Drink

*Remember that all season tickets are nominative and the ID card will be checked when entering the festival.

Personalize your season ticket free of charge for 20 days from the date of purchase, after this period, the change of name and/or personalization will cost 20€.



From 35€ + GG


ACCESS to the concert venue ON THE SELECTED DAY

Does not include Promo Drink

*The Promo Drink must be purchased as a complement.


The most luxurious subscription of the festival

From 100€ + GG


ACCESS to the concert venue on BOTH days

Access to VIP area

Main stage overlook/side view

Private bar

Chill out areas and private bathrooms

Does not include Promo Drink

*The Promo Drink must be purchased as a complement.


You can buy a maximum of 6 subscriptions in the same purchase process.

The General Pass has a starting price of 19,99€ + expenses and will go up in price as the established quotas are exhausted. There are very few at the starting price so be very attentive at 12:00h on Thursday, February 23rd.

The VIP Pass has a starting price of 60€ + expenses and will go up as the established quotas are exhausted. The capacity of the VIP area is very limited, so it may happen that all VIP passes are sold out in a matter of seconds.

Can season tickets be sold out as soon as they go on sale?

It may happen that due to the high demand there are thousands of people trying to buy season tickets at the same time, and the quotas are sold out very quickly, so it may happen that in a matter of seconds the price of the season tickets may have gone up several times.

During the purchase process only the name, surname and e-mail address of the buyer will be required. Once the purchase is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to personalize each subscription and enter the data of each attendee.

Of course it is. You just need to have the buyer’s data at hand. Once the purchase has been made, you have 20 days to personalize each ticket with the attendees’ information

The only method to purchase season tickets is by VISA or Mastercard. Keep it close.

Minors under 16 and 17 years old can access the festival by presenting the signed authorization for minors that you can find on the official website.

Minors from 0 to 15 years old can access the festival by presenting the signed authorization for minors and being accompanied at all times by their father, mother and/or legal guardian.

The official sales platform is Enterticket.

Beware of resale! The purchase of season tickets outside the official channels is a risk for the attendee, who could be acquiring duplicate or false tickets with which he/she would not be able to access the festival. The organization will electronically validate 100% of the tickets, not allowing access to the festival to anyone with a ticket that has already been previously validated or purchased outside the official channels.

Yes. The festival pass gives you access to the festival grounds for both days, Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September.

What is the Promo Drink?

The Promo Drink is the way to be able to drink at the festival in the bars of the venue. The advantage is that by purchasing the promo drink now, you get an extra 10€ free to spend at the bars. You pay now 50€ and when you arrive at the festival you will be charged 60€ on your cashless wristband.

Where can I make use of this Promo Drink?

You will be able to make use of the Promo Drink at the bars of the concert venue.

Is an extra 10€ charged for each Promo Drink?

Yes, for every Promo Drink you buy we give you 10€ free. The promotion is limited. Get it now on the official website

Will there be day tickets for sale?

For the time being, only the season tickets that include access to the festival on both days are on sale. There may be day tickets later on, but they will be more expensive than the general admission ticket at the starting price, so right now it pays to buy a day ticket even if you can only come for one day.

Is the announced line-up final or are there still confirmations to come?

What has been announced so far is only 50% of what is yet to be discovered. This has only just begun!

YES. General and VIP passes are nominative. The information on your ticket must match the information on your ID card and when you arrive at the festival, it will be checked at the corresponding accreditation center when you go to exchange the ticket for the wristband.

NO. Promo Drink tickets are not nominative. You do not have to make any name changes in this case.

You can change your name free of charge within 20 days of purchase. After this time, the service will cost 20€. ACCESS HERE
Enterticket | Change of data
to make the change of data

You will have to go to the incidents stand and pay the amount of 30€ for each ticket corresponding to the change of data as the rest of the attendees have done online.

If you have problems with the name change you can write to